As we get close to the Natyanjali event I wanted to share with our new students and parents the essence of Natyanjali and what it means to the dance school and its students. This is the 5thNatyanjali and the most ambitious one by far. Natyanjali is an exclusive platform for our students to express themselves, while supporting a nonprofit cause in the process. Hence the motto of “Dance for a cause”. In the past, this event has assisted organizations like Bighelp, Unite for Sight and Prajwala though fundraising and outreach. With such acclaimed repertories as “Chandalika”, “Telugu Kala Vaibhavam”, “Deepavali” and “Katha Kelika” under the belt; Sri Kuchipudi Natayalaya is proud to present the masterpiece “Kalyana Srinivasam” this year.

Participation Fee

“Kalyana Srinivasam” is an exclusive composition involving scintillating costumes, sets and props and as with any good production, there is some cost involved. A participation fees will be collected to cover some of the costs like costumes, sets and auditorium rental. The fee is based on the student level:

* Beginners $40

(will receive 2 tickets of $15)

*   Intermediate $60

(will receive 2 tickets of $25)

* Advanced $110

(will receive 2 tickets of $50)

In return, each student will receive 2 tickets and costume needed for the performance. Participation fee will be collected by the team volunteers assigned. Payment can be in cash or check addressed to Sailaja Edupuganti. Please approach volunteers with any questions or clarification.

Dance for a Cause

The event is ticketed and all the proceed will be donated to VT Seva. Please visit their website ( for more information on the organization and various projects they support

Event tickets are $15, $25, $50 can be purchase through your Team Volunteers.

While you buy tickets please remember that 2 tickets are included in participation fee. Students do not need tickets but will be seated in the assigned area. Payment for Extra tickets can be made via cash or check addressed to VT Seva. Tickets link will be open soon. Please share it with near and dear and spread the word.

Group Leaders /Volunteers

We have been evolving with each Natyanjali event and trying to communicate better with parents, patrons and students. I am thankful to many parents who came ahead to volunteer. I have asked few parents in each group to functions as group leader they will be responsible for answering any questions related to the event. The group leaders will contact you in the coming days. If you like to volunteer please let me know!