Dance classes are scheduled at the time of enrollment.  Students can change the day of attendance based on their availability and/or at the discretion of the teacher.  Classes are held weekly for an hour (approx.). Fee is monthly and due on the first class of the month.

Cancellation policy

Fee is not per class basis and hence no refund will be provided for missed classes. However if the class is canceled by the teacher due to conflict, every effort to reschedule the class didn’t happen then refund will be provided. 


To reduce distraction for the kids, parents are requested to drop off the students and leave or wait outside. In a situation where the parents leave the kids, they should come back on time and pickup their kids.

Upton (Sat. only)
N Chelmsford (Sun. only)
85 Foxboro Rd
1 Church St.
31 Princeton St.
Learning Kuchipudi at our Dance Institute

Kuchipudi requires complex movements and flexibility of the body.  Your child should have completed 6 years for him/her to start learning Kuchipudi. However under the supervision of one parent, children under 6 years can attend classes to get familiar with the class environment.


Students learn basic and advanced steps in this level. To graduate from this level students usually take 12 to 18 months.


Students learn complicated combination of steps called Jathis. Jathis are divided into:

  1.  Chathurasra jathis (11 jathis), followed by 1st item.
  2.  Thisra jathis (5 jathis), followed by 2nd item.
  3.  Misra jathis (3 jathis), followed by 3rd item. 
  4.  Khanda &, Sankeerna jathis (4 jathis), followed by 4th item.
    To graduate from this level the students usually  take about 2-3 yrs.

This level starts from the 5th item and moves on to complicated items. This level (roughly 8-12 items) as such does not have any limit, but to complete, students need to finish at least one item in each category of Kuchipudi dance form. 

To graduate from this level the students usually take 3-4 yrs.


During the advanced level the student is eligible for Rangapravesam (graduation debut of solo performance). An assessment will be scheduled. Based on the  assessment results and when the student is ready, graduation will be announced one to two year prior to the event date.

Summer Camp

During July and August months, summer camp will be announced.  This planned summer camp schedule will also include theory classes, where the students will learn the contents of Natya shastra and Abhinaya Darpanam (science of dance). All the required material will be provided to the students.

Theory classes are divided into 4 levels. Students will be promoted to the next level on successfully completing the previous level. On completion of all 4 levels, students will be awarded a graduation certificate with a title.